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Residential Pest Control

No matter where you live, no one wants to find out they’ve got a problem in their house. Whether it’s ants, bed bugs, rats, raccoons, or even woodpeckers that are giving you a hard time, give Pest Boss a call!

“WHO YOU GONNA CALL ?? — PEST BUSTERS !! There’s no doubt – That’s KYLE from PEST BOSS!
Kyle is the MOST FANTASTIC Pest Control Professional you will EVER deal with !!!
Consider yourself lucky if you happen to stumble upon him for any reason.
We were recommended to him by our friends who had Also had a great experience using him.
we had a very dangerous situation with a den of racoons in the neighbors treehouse que Were wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, and the mother had violently Attacked myself and my dog
It was necessary to clean and disinfect the premises as well as dismantle the treehouse to try to discourage their presence.He was personable, compassionate, straightforward, and genuinely happy to help us solve the problem, reasonable in every way as well as financially. He is also excellent at educating clients in a respectful way of the dangers and concerns of all kinds of Pests … He informed us that coming into contact with Racoon feces at all can be highly lethal for animals and humans, even if you breathe in the airborne eggs of roundworm that lives in the feces, therefore you should never be around it without proper protective clothing, masks etc …. He made sure to clean the area safely and effectively so no one was in danger. We can not recommend him more highly – he is EXCEPTIONAL as a human being and highly skilled in pest control.
He’s a CLASS ACT! ”
– Gina Chiarelli