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Yes, seagulls can be pests too! Seagulls are native to British Columbia, usually nesting near the beach shores on the Mainland where they can access their food source easily. However, some seagulls will choose to nest where they’re not welcome, specifically on the roofs of office buildings and right near restaurants.

Seagulls may not look like it, but they can be aggressive at times! If there’s a food source they can easily access, they will do their best to get it day in and day out. They are territorial birds and will usually act the most aggressive towards pets and humans who get near their home, especially if your patio or building is their new territory.

Usually a seagull deterrent will work, but only if there’s one. If there are a bunch nesting near your area where they’re interfering with your business or life, that’s when they become a genuine pest problem.

Before you think about it, seagulls cannot be exterminated like bugs. They are migratory birds by nature and native to Canada, so they are legally protected by the Migratory Birds Convention Act, meaning no harm must come to them.

If your building is having a seagull problem, give Pest Boss a call! We can humanely relocate the seagulls to a more appropriate location, one where they’ll look better in a postcard photo than they would near your building.