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Bats are rarely pests requiring control, but when they are it can be serious. They carry diseases, create large messes in homes/buildings, and cause very unpleasant conditions. There are positive attributes to bats as well. One bat eats half its body weight in mosquitoes and up to thousands of insects every night! For this reason, they are protected by the Ministry of Environment and must be handled appropriately.

Many buildings have imperfections where animals such as rats, squirrels, racoons, and birds enter. Bats require such a tiny space through which to enter. A thorough inspection is necessary to ensure they are excluded, safely, and humanely.

Bats bite people, not often, but it’s worth knowing. They harbour rabies, and their guano/feces contain diseases. Their guano also gives off a foul odour and can cause damage to a building’s materials. Bats are essentially rats that fly. It is somewhat common for a lone bat to enter inside the living space of a single family home through a chimney, open window, or building imperfection. It is a pest that should be handled by a professional with experience. Give Pest Boss a call if you’ve got a bat problem too big to handle!