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Ah, the mouse…everyone’s “favourite” rodent to discover next to rats. The cause of a mouse infestation is not necessarily because the person or family living in the house lives a messy lifestyle (that’s a common misconception), but because mice are small enough to fit in the tiniest places. The average mouse you can find at the pet store tends to be very clean, but the wild mouse may be host to diseases and allergens, so it’s better to take every infestation seriously.

Like rats, mice are very social creatures and travel and live as giant families. Each one will eventually leave the nest at night to gather food. Their preferred meals are any accessible garbage, compost, bird seeds, pet food, etc. Mice are also chewers, gnawing away at wires, pipes, wooden frames in the house—pretty much any random object they can get their teeth on.

Mice are as much a year-round problem in BC as rats are. Do not let a mice problem last for more than two to three weeks! It will grow into a much more challenging infestation to eliminate. Call Pest Boss today!