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Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are a close relative to the blow fly in regards to their preference of being a big nuisance. Also known as attic flies, cluster flies get their name from traveling in clusters and annoying everyone nearby.

You’re most likely to find cluster flies near houses or commercial buildings with giant lawns or open field parks. This is because cluster flies tend to breed using earthworms in the ground, where larvae will develop within the worms before hatching.

Thankfully, cluster flies do not eat or breed around food the way blow flies do; remember, they are parasitic to earthworms for populating and reproducing. However, we need worms in order to create new and fresh earth under our feet; leaving a cluster fly infestation to the worms is basically killing the worms off.

Usually cluster fly infestations are most noticeable between late summer and autumn. They’re a nuisance in that they prefer to enter your home or building in large numbers to hibernate, usually in rooftop and wall cavities. Large infestations can leave behind fecal matter on the walls and windows of your home or building as well.

If you’ve discovered that this varmint has invaded, call Pest Boss and we’ll come and help you stay pest-free. We’ll get you, varmints!