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Termites are infamous for being complete building destroyers given that wood is their favourite and preferred diet. Guess what materials most buildings in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are made of?

Some of the termites we uncover upon treatment look similar to winged carpenter ants. That’s because the termite is, in fact, distantly related to the ant family as well as the bee and wasp families. While ‘white ants’ are a common name for termites, they are actually more related to cockroaches than anything since they both eat rotten or rotting materials. The main thing both insects have in common is that they are hazardous pests to one’s environment and well-being.

Three termite types you should keep in mind are the Pacific dampwood termite, the western subterranean termite, and the eastern subterranean termite. The dampwood termite is commonly found building their tunnels inside of damp or moist deadwood, while the latter are the region’s main termite pests to be aware of.

Termites are often mistaken for carpenter ants because of their reproductive development. There are main differences to be aware of, however. If the antennae is elbowed (i.e. there’s more than one angle to them), the abdomen is skinny, and the wing shapes are unequal, then the insect is actually a carpenter ant. If the antennae is straight, the wings are equally sized, and the width of its abdomen is quite broad, then you’re looking at a legit termite.

Termites should be reported immediately upon discovery for extermination since they can cause and create long-term damage to buildings, telephone poles, and wooden housing infrastructures. If you’ve got a termite problem, give your local Pest Boss a call. We’ll get those varmints!