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Here is some useful information on everyone’s “favourite” pest: rats. Yes, rats are dirty. The person or family who has a rat problem in their home are not necessarily dirty (this is a large misconception), but rats do carry many diseases and allergens, so they should not be taken lightly. Rats contaminate everything they touch. A single rat will leave approximately fifty droppings (feces) per day, and it urinates nearly non-stop during its travels.

Rats are very social creatures and live in families. Each one will leave the nest nightly to hunt and gather food. Any accessible garbage, compost, bird seed, pet food, etc. is a gold mine for rats. They are opportunistic feeders and will take advantage of our negligence or complacency every time. Rats are also chewers. They gnaw on wires, pipes, the house’s wooden frames, vehicles—pretty much any random object they can get their incisors on.

Rats are more often a problem around winter since they can die outside even in moderate temperatures in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver areas. They are also a year-round problem.

Do not let rats become a problem for more than two to three weeks! It will grow into a much more challenging infestation to eliminate. Call Pest Boss today!