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Moisture Ant

Moisture ants are one of the many types of small ants we see that show up in and around the building, at their worst in late summer. They nest underground, in nests of up to tens of thousands, and enter through cracks in concrete slab foundations. You will often see moisture/cornfield ants come from the furnace room/water tank area…and they expand from there…into the kitchen. Once ants find the kitchen, your fruit, jam, syrup, sugar, and more instantly become their food source. (Keep these storage areas secure and clean!)

These ants can also enter our homes and businesses from outdoors through wherever they want, since they are that small, and especially underneath the siding above the foundation. Caulking/sealing this division/crack can help thwart access. The other most common “small” ants are thatching ants, pavement ants, fire ants, and pharaoh ants. (Carpenter ants are completely different; view any ant or pest on the Click-a-pest page listed alphabetically).

Here are some scientific facts about the moisture/cornfield ant: the Latin names are Lasius Niger and Lasius Alienus, respectively. Typical colouring in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland regions is light brown/gold/amber, with variation. The workers (regular, non-winged) all look alike (“monomorphic”) and are 2 to 3mm long. These ants are monogynous, which means singular queen (some ants are polygynous, meaning multiple queens). Favourite foods of these ants are honeydew from aphids/plants, other insects, and people food. Mating and reproduction occur in August-September. The winged ants are the reproductive, called alates. They require rotten wood to nest in, so their presence can indicate wood rot in the structure. Often rotten wood is well underneath the structure, simple replacement is not possible. Treatment against moisture ants is definitely required. Call us at Pest Boss!