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Fungus Gnat

This varmint is more of a nuisance than a harmful pest to humans, but they’re a real pest to your favourite houseplants! The fungus gnat is tiny, measuring about 2 to 8 millimetres in total, and are usually identified by their longer, spindlier legs and antennae. They range from black to dark brown in colour. Most people will confuse them for fruit flies, but they’re actually quite different and not only in appearance.

Much like the fruit fly, the fungus gnat thrives in and feeds off of decaying and organic environments, but unlike the fruit fly they will prefer to nest outside of the fridge and stay in areas such as sewer pipes, household drains, and wet plant soil. They prefer to reproduce in soil that is kept moist and shaded from sunlight, and their larvae feeds off of the fungus that tends to grow on top of soil if it’s been overwatered, or if the plant roots are rotting.

The lifespan of fungus gnats is actually incredibly short. However, they can and will lay their eggs in any dirt that they view as a good host, up to 200 eggs in total! Like the fruit fly, they can and do reproduce fast in a short period of time.

Fungus gnats are incredibly annoying and will continue to fly into your face indoors and outdoors if you leave the infestation site alone! If you’ve got too many fungus gnats to handle getting rid of yourself or you can’t get rid of them fast enough from your houseplants, call your local Pest Boss and we’ll come help exterminate them. We’ll get you, varmints!