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Woodlouse are much like our good ol’ varmint friends the sow bug and the pill bug. In fact, they are all interconnected in the one genus and many call a woodlouse a sow bug, and a sow bug a woodlouse. That’s how interchangeable the names are. However, the woodlouse is the both the most popular term and the correct one to describe sow bugs, pill bugs, and the various other isopods that this particular family of pests consists of.

Name calling aside, woodlouse are not dangerous. They do not bite or sting humans like the wasp and hornet, and they can’t fly. Woodlouse decompose natural organic matter and are only considered to be an infestation needing exterminating once/if they get into your home and there’s a huge number of them.

Cleaning them out of homes is what’s considered to be the most time-consuming and even expensive task. They breed the most in dimly lit, wet and moist areas and places where lots of debris exists, such as piles of wood for fireplaces or in basements and cellars. If these conditions aren’t addressed, woodlice will live that much longer.

Leave the hard work of eradicating a woodlouse infestation in your home to a professional pest control company. Give Kyle a call if this sounds like the type extermination service you need. We’ll get you, varmints!