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Fruit Fly

The fruit fly is one of the most common pests you will find in virtually every building imaginable throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The main cause of a fruit fly infestation is overripe, rotting fruit and produce not being composted or disposed of properly.

Fruit flies tend to nest and breed in areas that have not been cleaned thoroughly. The list of such locations is massive, including but definitely not limited to: refrigerators, fruits baskets on countertops, cabinets, cupboards, drains and drain garburators, garbage cans and bins, mops and mop buckets, the produce section in a store—the list goes on and on. Fruit flies will virtually live anywhere close to food and fruit that’s gone bad or moist areas.

These flies reproduce in the hundreds per day, so the last thing you want is a fruit fly breeding ground developing in your kitchen! Because their genetics are also very similar to our own, it’s more likely they carry similar diseases that we can catch and spread too. That’s why even just one fruit fly is too many!

If you’ve noticed an overabundance of fruit flies hanging out in your home or at work and they’re interrupting your daily life or harassing your customers, give Pest Boss a call. We can get rid of your fruit fly problem and make sure they stop trying to taste your daily specials or your evening glass of wine. We’ll get you, varmints!