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Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite arachnids! Spiders are the most famous pest we get calls for in the Vancouver and Burnaby areas. Their eight legs and web-spinning feats can turn even the most elegant home or the most modern building into looking like the Addams family mansion. Cobwebs and spider webs are sticky and unpleasant to walk into, especially when it’s by surprise.

Most spiders are actually very beneficial including our Canadian guys and gals spiders because they eat other pests that are causing us grief such as wasps, blow flies, and grasshoppers. However, too many in a home or basement can make for a big problem. Spiders love hanging out in the darkest corners where predators, including us, can’t reach them. Normally an infestation isn’t noticed until weeks later after its development!

All spiders are venomous. However, the most common ones here in BC are not venomous to the point where they are lethal; most of them are more likely to cause irritation and itchy, red bumps on the skin. Even just one bite means trouble for those allergic to insect and arachnid bites though!

A few spiders outside in the garden are good, but too many in one place, especially indoors, equals an infestation worth getting help with. If you’ve got to get rid of spiders, call your local Pest Boss. We`ll get the varmints!