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Ah yes, the pigeon. These varmints are native to Stanley Park in Vancouver (as well as everywhere else in BC!). As a bird that’s now well-known to be a pest, the wild pigeon is naturally skilled at creating messes, whether pooping on your squeaky clean car or scattering feathers all over your balcony. Did we mention they’re noisy, too?

Sometimes the names pigeon and dove are used interchangeably. This is because both the pigeon and dove consist of the family of birds known as Columbidae. These birds share many other similarities as well. For example, they both feed off of fruit, seeds, and plants. They also both produce “croup milk”, i.e. a secretion of fluid-filling cells from the lining of their digestive croup. The main differences are strictly aesthetic, varying from the colours of their feathers, beaks, feet, and eyes.

Like we said, Stanley Park in Vancouver is going to be your best bet of finding a pigeon. Either that, or they’re hanging out in the trees or they’re having a chat on the telephone wires above your car…and your own head.

Just like the crow, the pigeon is a protected wildlife species here in British Columbia. The rock dove specifically falls under the category of protected migratory species outlined in the Environmental Act of Canada. That means if rock doves turn into a pest problem (yes, birds can be a pest too!) you will need professional help to keep them from harassing you and others.

As a licensed pest control company, we have the means and ability to relocate a pigeon nest or pigeons away from where they’ve decided to nest in urban areas and to more natural habitats where they’ll be less of a hassle. If you’ve discovered a pigeon nest on the roof of your building or right by your house, or they’ve decided to create a ruckus at your construction site, call your local Pest Boss and we’ll safely and humanely remove them to a more appropriate place. We’ll get you, varmints!