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One of the most common wildlife pests we’ve gotten calls for removing is the rabbit. These guys and gals need no introduction. We see rabbits everywhere—on our TVs promoting chocolate Easter eggs, in the fields nibbling on grass, in our yards…where they shouldn’t be…

Yes, rabbits are considered to be pests. They can be incredibly destructive to our gardens especially! While they do eat grass, they make terrible lawnmowers. It’s because of their love for greens that make them a gardener’s worst nightmare, as they will eat the tops and even roots of the food we’re trying to grow, and they tend to treat our backyards like their toilet—they’ll go anywhere where there’s dirt!

A rabbit can breed up to 10-20 new babies per litter, and usually they appear up above ground from spring to early autumn. They will hibernate underground during the winter, but their choice of warrens is why they can turn from cute little floppy-eared pets into destructive and invasive varmints.

A rabbit’s den is both very easy and very hard to find. They typically prefer digging a hole under shrubs, trees, and any covered land so as to protect themselves from being found by predators. To a rabbit, we are one of their predators, as are our cat and dog pet pals.

Speaking of pets, rabbits may make great pets as domesticated, but wild rabbits are another matter entirely. These varmints can and will protect themselves from us if they feel threatened. Their bites and scratches can lead to some nasty scars on us and our pets!

If you see a rabbit…or two…or more…and they’re finding a way to undo all the hard work you put into improving your front lawn, call your local Pest Boss. We know how to remove rabbits safely without harming them or our environment and move them to the wild where they’re less of a pest problem. We’ll get you, varmints!