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These varmints may look creepy, but most mites are more of a nuisance than anything. Regardless, they can cause a wide variety of problems from crop damage to mild irritations to asthma attacks. Some of the most common mites you’ll want to protect yourself and your home from are ticks, chiggers, spider mites, European red mites, and dust mites.

Some of these mites can live in trees, bushes, and any tall grass that animals and humans may brush up against and spread unwittingly. Their diets range from grains and cheese to skin and dandruff (and in the tick’s case, blood).

Spider mites cause superficial damage to trees and leaves, and will eventually die out if there are predator insects, such as the ladybug, present. However, they thrive in humid and hot weather and reproduce at an incredible rate in the summer. In fall, they lay their eggs and then in winter will remain dormant. You can identify a spider mite infestation if you notice any delicate webs and examine the undersides of leaves in your yard’s fruit trees, ornamental plants, and berry crops. Spider mites are red, yellow, or pale green in colour.

Though most mites are microscopic in size, if there are hundreds of them you can detect them if they move around on a surface. Their tiny size is why it’s so difficult to detect an infestation in the first place; most of them only measure up to 1mm in length.

Predatory mites such as the chigger and tick must be exterminated ASAP to prevent the breakout and spread of serious skin infections and life-threatening diseases. If you suspect a mite infestation is present, leave the extermination to the professionals. Call Pest Boss for immediate mite removal. We’ll get you, varmints!