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Why At-Home Pest Control Doesn’t Work in the Long Term

We’ve seen our fair share of homemade traps—do a quick search for “apple cider vinegar trap” on Google and you’re guaranteed to find tons of results! DIY traps for pest control purposes are one of the most highly searched for solutions online, and most of it is for a good reason. Either the person with the pest problem has done all they can to clean and they’re still finding bugs and rodents, or they’re going with the cheap option to get rid of their pest problem so that they don’t have to pay for something they can’t afford.

Unfortunately, when it comes to pests, DIY pest control is a problem in and of itself. Here’s why at-home pest prevention and extermination just doesn’t work as a long-term solution.

Some of them don’t work

You may see a lot of traps or chemicals for sale at your local hardware store or a bed bug protector for your bed. You may see this and think to yourself, “I’ll just use this instead, it’s way cheaper.” Before you pull out your wallet though, let us tell you something that will save you money.

The chemicals used in regular store bought traps and pesticides are in fact not as 100% effective as the chemicals our pest control company uses. Many of the most ideal pesticides are also not available in the store. That big sign saying they are 100% effective may sure look tempting and believable, but it’s not. Put your wallet back in your pocket and walk away.

They’re short term only

Some of the best traps can work for a few days, but that’s it. These include but are not limited to apple cider vinegar traps for fruit flies, organic diatomaceous earth, and so on. While they may look like a cure-all solution for your pest problem, they’re really designed to be short-term solutions only.

Not to mention many fruit fly infestations can and will develop and grow no matter how many apple cider vinegar traps you make—they’re no replacement for cleaning out the pipes or getting rid of overripe fruit, or cleaning out the mop bucket in the closet. Sorry, but cleaning really is the only way to minimize and prevent infestations from getting worse, and calling in an exterminator is the only way to get rid of pests for good.

You may be using them wrong

Many factors come into play when it comes to DIY pest control, and to be honest not very many people know how to use the traps properly. Temperature, the indoor vs. outdoor location, weather conditions, how hidden the infestation is—all of this contributes to how effective or ineffective a trap or bait will be. In contrast, our Pest Boss knows exactly how to use traps, where to place them, and how to get rid of your pest problem humanely (if it’s wildlife like a raccoon or skunk) and effectively.

DIY traps could get rid of helpful pests

As much as we hate the thought of our outdoor picnics being invaded, many insects are here to stay and some of them are worth having around. Yes, you read that right—there are good bugs as well as bad ones. The traps you’re DIY-ing at home don’t have the ability to recognize killing off ‘bad’ or ‘good’ insects, meaning you could be eliminating the pests that are actually helping maintain nature’s balance by accident! An actual Pest Boss knows how to tell the difference between a varmint and a good bug, like here for example.

You don’t know your pests

If you don’t know the difference between certain insect species, or you don’t know the difference between a mole and a vole, that also contributes to whole new problems of DIY pest control. A professional exterminator can and does know the difference between a rat and a mouse infestation, or if your bedroom is infested with either carpet beetles or bed bugs. That’s a big part of their job, and knowing is half the battle (say it with me now: GI Joe!).

Every pest is different

Everyone is different, and that includes the insects, rodents, and wildlife we exterminate or remove from buildings. The insect kingdom is massive, and each insect can protect itself against certain treatments that will kill others. That’s why bed bugs are so persistent to get rid of in the first place!

A strip of fly paper can probably get rid of a few flies here and there, but that doesn’t guarantee the infestation has been exterminated, meaning the cycle could very well start all over again! That’s why you need professional pest control, because the Pest Boss in charge knows what types of treatment works for which pest is the main problem. A sweet bonus is that they can help prevent the infestation from happening again.

Long story short, DIY at-home pest control will not ever be as effective or lasting as professional pest control. If you really are in dire straits and need help with getting rid of an infestation, call your local Pest Boss. We’ll get you, varmints!

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